“VIRTUAL INTERNSHIP” A Must Do First Step Of A Marketing Career

So, peeps this is the first post of the “Marketing TipsThatMatter” section of my blog and I wanted it to be impact-full and educational. For every aspiring marketer their first step is very much important, and for every career, learning is the initial step without which one cannot excel in their career. My first step of marketing career was both educational and fruitful because I started with releaseMyAd.com virtual internship program. The virtual internship has all that is needed for an aspirant marketer and merits are more than enough. Let me tell you from the beginning.

As marketing has always been my passion and I was  looking for a place to start with but I didn’t know the best place to start so I ‘Googled’ it, and fortunately I came across the perfect start for me or you can say a career booster, it was releaseMyAd internship program with their Intern App. I have heard about this company before but could never imagine that I would be interning with this company as it is one of the best marketing companies in the country. The first link in the result of my search directed me to an application in play store and I downloaded it and I signed up for the program which was extremely simple and trust me I found the best internship any marketing aspirant can start with, the internship was virtual which means I can perform it from any place at my convenience so it was a big “NO” to office which is amazing as I can perform the given task from my home and not to forget I was able to perform the task from any device which can be a phone or a computer which is like one of the coolest features that this internship offered. The tasks are very educational and the internship gave me complete exposure of marketing world, which was much needed at that point. I had a great experience doing those tasks. I recommend this virtual internship to all the aspirant marketers I come across and trust me when I say this virtual internship is worth doing and it takes just about 5 hours of a week and it is a 45 days program. You got nothing to loose but a lot to learn.

So, guys, you can also apply for this virtual internship, in other words, do at your convenience internship just by signing up in Intern App website or by downloading the application from google playstore, I am leaving a link which will directly take you to the website (https://goo.gl/V1Joer).  So hurry up and signup for the “Ultimate Virtual Internship” and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog “TipsThatMatter” for more amazing tips,tricks and hacks. Goodbye and take care.


Click on the image to go to the website.




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