“Introduction & First Post”

Hey, peeps this is my first post in this blog and don’t worry there will be lots and lots more. So before we go further let me introduce myself to you, I am Dex also go by the name Debojyoti (Debo). I am from Kolkata, one of the amazing cities of  India and I am currently pursuing my studies from a business school and will be done with my course by 2018. I like communicating and socializing with new peeps so if any of you wanna talk or socialize feel free to email me or you can add me on Facebook. So the reason I started this blog is that I like marketing & technology so in this blog I will post tips, tricks and hacks for both tech and marketing.

I hope you will like my posts and follow my blog and the best part of my upcoming posts will be that it will be brief and on point no beating around the bush. Thank you guys for bearing with me and if you are still reading this I promise you I will not let you down so just keep on following my blog. Goodbye and take care and keep on following “TipsThatMatter”.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Ujee says:

    Waiting to read all of amazing hacks! ^_^


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